Amidst a chaotic world filled with dispiriting images, stories, and conflicts, Vika Petlakh is able to capture the moments that evoke feelings of nostalgic bliss and natural beauty.  

Despite crossing multiple categories of photography, Vika’s work breathes a signature style noticeably crafted with freedom and character.  Inspired by life, travel, and human connection, her photos ooze elegance and mystery, delivering an emotional connection to people of all demographics.

“I am in life as I am with my work: curious, passionate and spontaneous,” she said. “I don't like to pin down too many details within my shoots as I believe there should always be room to explore further, experiment with lighting, angles, textures and poses.”

“I believe in chemistry and energy; I believe in magic,” Vika said. “The most beautiful things come out of a project with good energy, strong chemistry (between my subjects/ team and I), and passion about the work from everyone involved.”

Vika Petlakh’s following is constantly growing as more people view her awe-inspiring art; her visual examinations of character and the beauty human beings possess.

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Sense Appeal - Eric Buterbaugh Gallery - Los Angeles - JUNE 21st - AUGUST 1st, 2019


Feenys Photo - LA Art Show - Los Angeles - JANUARY 2019

LeftAlive - Soho House Chicago - Chicago - JUNE 2018

Opening - NonFinito Gallery - New York City - MAY 2018

LeftAlive - LA Art Show - Los Angeles - JANUARY 2018

Series7 - Ludlow House - New York City - DECEMBER 2017

Series7 - Soho House West Hollywood - Los Angeles -DECEMBER 2017

Series7 - THEFACENY - New York City - NOVEMBER 2017

Left Alive - NuSpace - Los Angeles - JUNE 2017

X Contemporary - Nobu Hotel - Miami Art Basel - DECEMBER 2016